Surveillance & Security

Toetanchamon Security is a leading security and surveillance partner for individuals, businesses and government agencies. We are looking for solutions that relieve your organization. We have been your security partner since 1983, both domestically and abroad. We are different from any other traditional security company because we have the right knowledge and expertise. In addition, we employ qualified professionals as a professional security company. You have many years of experience and a good education. As an experienced security company, we want to make the world safer. But security is more than just security. We work for well-known customers and are active in various industries. We can carry out various types of surveillance and security for you in business and private areas.


We are specialized in
- Personal Bodyguard Protection Services

- Security in public space (football stadium, fairs)

- Hotel security

- Money transport

- personal protection

- Property protection

- Monitoring of logistics, industrial, chemical and petrochemical companies in the port area

Monitoring ships is also one of the basic services we offer.