Private detective & investigation

Toetanchamon Detective Bureau is a private detective and detective agency with dynamic team of professionals with over 30 years of investigative experience, for individuals, businesses and government agencies. Toetanchamon conducts all investigations in Europe and abroad as a detective agency. Various detective and investigation procedures are carried out for you in the business and private sphere.


In many cases, our (criminal) investigations focus on:

- theft / embezzlement

- unsolved murder cases

- Rape / sexual assault

- Investigations into kidnapping and abduction of missing and abducted persons

- Scam

- illness-related fraud

- Violations of the competition rules

- insurance fraud

- armed robberies

- investigation of personal injury

- Maintenance survey


Drug crime research is one of our specialties. Our detectives have many years of experience in conducting various types of investigations. All private detectives have the legally required certificates. In this way, the evidence obtained can be used in a possible legal case and are of crucial value.

Depending on the desired research, an hourly rate and a maximum duration will be arranged with you in advance. It is also possible to agree with us in advance a maximum amount of investigation costs.


You will be informed at regular intervals by your contact at Toetanchamon C.V about the progress of the investigation.