About us

We are a multinational company with 35 years of experience in the areas of debt collection, security and legal advice. We value open communication with our customers. As an international service provider, we act responsibly and can thereby ensure that we do a good job.




In 1983, Eef Hoos, a former director, founded Toetanchamon. Since its inception, the company has grown from a small regional company to one of the largest players in the Dutch collection sector. Growth in the Netherlands was achieved through acquisitions. Thanks to its rapid expansion outside the Netherlands, Toetanchamon is among the top 10 most successful collection agencies in Europe. The head office is in the Netherlands but our branches are also located in Germany, as well as in Georgia.


After the death of Eef Hoos, the management was taken over by Evgeny Gur. He has experience in various industries. The companies were internationally active under his leadership and had partnerships with many well-known holdings. Toetanchamon is one of the oldest and probably most prestigious international companies in the Netherlands of its kind.